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Just brought my disposable camera from a New Years 2000 party to the drugstore to get developed. This should be fun.
@adactio: Where you at? Drinkee?

All I Want From Adobe CS4...

So word came out today that apparently Adobe Creative Suite 4 is right around the corner. Greeeeeaaaaat.

There are only three things I want from this new release:

1. A new install/update process that doesn’t feel like Adobe is rewriting every line of code on my entire hard drive. This includes the congruent request that Adobe not launch and quit five different “agents” sequentially in order to accomplish the above.

2. A new codebase that doesn’t feel like it’s chewing up every last bit of processing power on my new enough 2.4 GHz iMac with maxxed out RAM. Unless Adobe has signed my machine up as a node in the SETI project without telling me, I don’t understand why something as simple as the Save-To-Web command should invoke ten seconds of beachballs.

3. The long-needed “I-Work-On-The-Web-So-Turn-Off-All-This-Color-Profiling-Crap-Until-I-Say-Otherwise” button.

Chances of any of that being in the next release? I say slim. But I hope I’m wrong. My opinion is that over the last few years, Adobe Creative Suite has become the Microsoft Office for right-brained people. They simply ran out of really useful things that people needed so they just piled on things people didn’t.

Personally, I’m about one more disappointing release away from giving something like Pixelmator a shot.

Zenfolio: A great way to sell your photos

Really nicely done e-commerce hosted solution for photographers.

@girljournalist: I tend to shy away from bacon-wrapped things. Although I do eat bacon. I don’t know why that is.
Interesting. I just found out that polish sausage on a toasted bun with cream cheese is officially a “Seattle style dog”. So good. So good.
@simplebits: Cream cheese on a polish sausage equals money. Try it late night. You won’t be sorry.

Seeking Web Developer at Newsvine

People often ask what things are like at Newsvine after the MSNBC acquisition. Specifically, has the culture changed at all and does it still feel like a startup? The answer to those questions are, thankfully *no* the culture hasn’t been disrupted a lot and thankfully *yes* it still feels like a startup (minus the working for 1929-level salaries).

One of the many nice things about life post-acquisition is that we’re beginning to work on many projects that touch both (little ant of 1.5 million users) and (big elephant of over 35 million users).

As such, we’re expanding a bit…

The Newsvine Team is looking for an experienced, self-motivated, and passionate front-end developer to join us in building products and services for the Newsvine platform. Your primary responsibility will be to design and develop site features and functionality in a multi-tier web environment using PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and the YUI JavaScript library. Additional responsibilities include daily site support and maintenance. The ideal candidate is able to work on small teams under tight deadlines with little supervision. A computer science degree or equivalent is a plus, but experience, skill, and attention to detail are more important.

The ideal candidate will have a strong command of the following knowledge areas:

  • X/HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript
  • PHP or similar scripting language
  • Mastery of web standards and cross-browser compatibility

Preferable Job Qualifications:

  • Experience working on large-scale, high-availability web sites
  • Successful industry experience using latest DHTML and ajax technologies
  • Experience with SQL and relational database implementations serving as the backend to production web applications
  • Experience with, or an interest in, working with the YUI JavaScript library
  • Familiarity with Subversion a plus

The job will be based out of the lovely Newsvine offices in Seattle, down by the waterfront pictured here. If you’re interested, please send an e-mail and resumé to “newsvinejobs at”.

25 resources for ornaments, fleurons, and "frilly bits"

Admiring – for the third time – Chris Matthews smack a fool down on air.
The Ocean in 185 Lines of Javascript:

Mesmerizing. Try tweaking some of the variables in the “sea” section of the code.

“"Design had been a vertical stripe in the chain of events in a product’s delivery; at Apple, it became a long horizontal stripe, where design is part of every conversation.””
Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away:

A great essay about how toxic everyday distractions can be.

Humanity's deep future:

A group of researchers at the Future of Humanity Institute talk about where our race may be going and how artificial intelligence could save or kill us all.

Steve Jobs speaks about the future at the International Design Conference in 1983:

31 years later, it’s safe to say this is one of the most prescient speeches about technology ever delivered. Jobs covers wireless networking, tablets, Google StreetView, Siri, and the App Store (among other things) many years before their proliferation. A fantastic listen.

How to travel around the world for a year:

Great advice for when you finally find the time.


A fantastic app for prototyping your design work onto real world objects like billboards, book covers, and coffee cups. This seems like just as great of a tool for people learning design as it does for experts.

50 problems in 50 days:

One man’s attempt to solve 50 problems in 50 days using only great design. Some good startup ideas in here…

How to Do Philosophy:

If you’ve ever suspected that most classical philosophy is a colossal waste of time, Paul Graham tells you why you’re probably right.

TIME: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us:

Stephen Brill follows the money to uncover the pinnacle of corruption that is the U.S. Health Care system. A must-read article if there ever was one.

DIY Dot Org:

A beautifully designed site full of fun and challenging DIY projects. I could spend months on here.

The Steve Jobs Video Archive:

A collection of over 250 Steve Jobs videos in biographical order

Self-portraits from an artist under the influence of 48 different psychoactive drug combos.

Water Wigs are pretty amazing.

David Pogue proposes to his girlfriend by creating a fake movie trailer about them and then getting a theater to play it before a real movie. Beautiful and totally awesome.