On Joining The Male Butt-Crack Flickr Group

I don’t use Flickr a lot and every single message I’ve ever received through it has been something along the lines of:

“Person-You-Sort-Of-Know has added you as a contact!”

This morning, however, I received this message from susan1975 inquiring about a photo I (or Scrivs) took of Valleywag Chief Snarkology Officer Nick Douglas at SXSW:

“Hi there. Could you please add your photo called “CIMG0170.jpg” to my Male Butt-Crack Group? Thanks, Susan.”

Man, I totally would, but that would require me to actually join the Male Butt-Crack Group.

This is clearly another situation that Flickr is ill-equipped to handle. I would like to add my photo but am unwilling to join said butt-crack enthusiast group. Until this situation is resolved, the Male Butt-Crack Group shall be without my esteemed submission.

Are there any other unusual Flickr groups out there I should be aware of?

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20 Responses:

  1. On the upside, that would start my tag cluster, “Nick Douglas” and “Butt-crack.”

  2. Zeldman overreacted, the photos aren’t gone, but not visible. The info is about three clicks away from the home page: http://flickr.com/help/limits/#73.

  3. TC says:

    Cool, can we highjack this blog to post about Zeldman’s post since he doesn’t allow comments?

    Zeldman totally overreacted on both his recent posts.

    He blames one company for him not renewing a domain registration and another for him not renewing his account with them.

    At the end of it all he got his domain back and lost no photos. Even though he got his photos back he still decides to blame Flickr for him not renewing his account.

    When this kind of stuff happens to me, the domain gets turned into a landing page for a search engine and my photos don’t come back, but at least I know who’s to blame, myself!!!

    Oh, nice butt crack by the way. Do these people just browse flickr looking for crack material or does she really know you and had the fortune to stumble over a photo featuring a crack?

    Be sure you don’t post pictures of Zeldman’s arse crack, that’ll be Levi’s fault for not telling him in advance that his arse crack may become visible!

  4. When this kind of stuff happens to me, the domain gets turned into a landing page for a search engine and my photos don’t come back, but at least I know who’s to blame, myself!!!

    To be fair, a wee reminder would have been nice.

    Be sure you don’t post pictures of Zeldman’s arse crack, that’ll be Levi’s fault for not telling him in advance that his arse crack may become visible!

    Can’t argue with that! :)

  5. Olly says:

    The “cars derived from vans” group was a wierd one. Wierder was that a comment asking me to join was posted to my photo within minutes of my uploading it.

    I joined that one, but I don’t think I’d go for the butt-crack group eiother :)

  6. The official butt crack icon is forever burned into my memory.

  7. You’re male, you have a butt crack(I assume*).. I fail to see the problem here.

    * assume! EL-OH-EL

  8. Mike D. says:

    Mark and TC: I’m not sure Zeldman overreacted at all when you consider the circumstances. People don’t react to what “happened”. They react to what they *think* happened. It was Flickr’s fault that what *appeared* to happen didn’t actually happen. Obviously, kudos to them for not actually deleting photos when an account expires, but they should also not even give the *appearance* that this has happened… thus avoiding the confusion.

    When Zeldman realized what happened, he was fine with the situation, but he rightfully pointed out that the user experience could be improved with better communication.

  9. julian says:

    Flickr is actually set up for this, join said group, add the photo, quit the group, bask in the glow of having your photo be a part of the Male Butt-Crack Group but not still being a member of said group.

  10. Tim says:

    The way I think the process should work:

    1) Susan clicks on a dropdown that says “Add photo to Male Butt Crack group”.
    2) When she trys to add it, you get an email saying “Susan would like to add your photo to the Male Butt Crack group. Is that OK?” If you approve, the photo is added. Done.

  11. Don says:

    We’ll I’d rather join the BCrackG than the BHoleG. Qualification for the latter is probably by invite only. Why would anyone want that picture anyway? Isn’t that what photoshop (or the gimp) was invented for?

  12. Ian Lloyd says:

    I am forever getting this type of request. Recent ones include:

    It amazes me that people bother to set up such obscure groups that few people are going to want to join anyway. Most of the time the photos that people comment on in this way are random snaps that you take and do not suggest that you have any great passion for the topic, but it doesn’t seem to stop them asking. Now if I had a portfolio consisting of *hundreds* of matching car-trailer combos, or pages and pages of public fibreglass art, well then I could see why they might want me to join their group :-)

  13. “It amazes me that people bother to set up such obscure groups that few people are going to want to join anyway.”

    Stick with the herd, and you can’t go wrong!

  14. Andy R. says:

    I got the same butt-crack photo request, but I had the opposite reaction. “You mean there is a group for pictures of butt cracks and I’ve been invited to join?!” Granted, my photo was from a medical procedure (donating bone marrow) so it’s one of those instances when I can be proud of having my crack on display. Or not…

    The picture is here: http://flickr.com/photos/andydr/45535959/

    [If your workplace is not a safe place to view the male butt crack, then this picture is not safe for work.]

  15. Oh c’mon Mike, you’re not fooling anyone. We all know of your fetish with male butt-cracks.

  16. dustin says:

    i run the taco town group on flickr..dont look if youre hungry.

  17. will says:

    As long as that’s not the pink taco town, I think we are OK.

  18. Shavonne says:

    Just send the picture to the administrator of the group telling her the picture can be posted to the group providing she gives proper attribution to you. That way you won’t have to join the group but your picture could still be submitted.

  19. KJC says:

    my new favorite unusual Flickr group: Unintentionally Scary Clowns

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