iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

Original photo by Norbert Ivanek.Ok, so it’s the day after Christmas and you didn’t get that iPod you wanted. Now’s your opportunity to take matters into your own hands and win one.

The theme of the final Mike Industries iPod Creativity Competition of 2005 is to design a movie poster featuring Steve Jobs. Like all competitions before it, the rules here are loose. Just feature the man we all know and love in a cinematic role, keep your image exactly 418 pixels wide, and insert your entry inline in the comments of this post. Please also give photo credit when appropriate.

There’s a decent chance The Steve will actually see this blog entry so please keep it clean and respectful. Anything overtly offensive will be removed.

This competition will remain open for exactly two weeks and will end at midnight, Sunday, January 8th. The winner will receive a 1GB iPod Shuffle from me, and so will Mike B., the genius who suggested this particular contest.

Remember to keep your images exactly 418 pixels wide (any height is fine) and under about 50k or so in file size. Insert your image into the comments below using code like so:

<img src="http://yoururl.jpg" />

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283 Responses:

  1. Mile J. says:

    OK, here are my favorites so far (in no special order, from last posted):

    • Applecalypse Now (by Ryan Aida) – for title and ideas used
    • A Nightmare (by Sandra Mause) – for composition and clever ‘nano scratches’ idea
    • Pirates of silicon valley (by Cherum) – for idea and composition
    • Byte Me (by Alan Rhodes) – for everything, great work :)
    • Finding iPod (by Arnaud Muller) – for idea and blending in Bill’s face – LOL :)
    • Enemy of Bill Gates (by Sean Liew) – for everything
    • Steve of the dead (by Sean Liew) – for idea
    • I, Pod (by Sean Liew) – for everything, also great work
    • Indiana Jobs (by Josh Byers) – for composition and blending

    @Brian Flanagan: Thanks! (note on my name – it’s Mile, not Mike :))
    @Josh Byers: good idea about displaying the originals used, here’s mine:

  2. http://kenwestphal.com/GodzillaOriginal.jpg

    OK, here’s the original for my PodZilla parody.

  3. Derek Cooper says:


  4. Derek Cooper says:


  5. LittleBoy says:

    Think Different!

  6. sources:

  7. @Derek Cooper: If Steve Jobs invented a day with 86400 minutes I’d buy one. ;)

  8. Macaholic says:

    @Sandra: Too expensive. Can you imagine Apple’s profit margin applied to a 60 day DAY?? :D I could build that day out of a pot of coffee and gram of cocaine for WAY less! Apple’s are too expnesive ;)

  9. re-entry mistake. after the originals were deleted, my browswer had truncated entries and I thought this entry had also be deleted. my apologies for a second posting. Safari has been doing some weird things lately, unable to access some sites that Mozilla has no trouble accessing.

  10. Chris says:

    Wow these are fantastic! Great “Jobs” everyone!

  11. Derek Cooper says:

    Sandra Mause – Opps, lol, I meant seconds. lol

  12. Lars Andersen says:

    My contribution… :-)

    Not much, but fun to make.

  13. Lars – it’s fun to see too! Love the red eyes.

  14. Paulo André Chagas says:

    Sorry about the other posts, and thanks Mike!

  15. jose says:
  16. Derek Cooper says:

    Can’t wait to see who wins. Good luck everyone. BTW, when will the winner be announced?

  17. “What About Bill?” and “Catch Me if You Can” make me chuckle each time I scroll through all these.

  18. Someone (OK, a couple of someones) referred to the posters as “Knock-offs”. It’s called parody, gentlemen; a long and time honored form of satire.

  19. Macaholic says:


    WHAT??! Some people are dissing the parodies?? Morons! They’re what put the “fun” in funny! It’s the relationship of the meaning or identity of the original, spun out in a humorous way to relate to the subject matter: Steve Jobs. Cripes I don’t believe some people don’t “get” such a pervasive comedic device.

    i.e.: My favourite parodies are What About Bill, signifying the fact that Bill and Steve behave civilly in public, yet Steve probably hates Bill. Get it? HA-HA!

    Or, “Steve of The Dead”, because of the massive popularity of the iPod has reduced mass commuters to zombies, oblivious to the outside world. Get it? HA-HA!

    Frankly, almost every “original” movie title entry here has sucked — HARD. Get a clue, folks!


  20. Exactly! Parody is a high form of comedy. Of course, it can be badly done, but there’s some brilliance here!

  21. “Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … while mockery is the sincerest form of mockery!” – Tony Kornheiser

  22. Filipp says:
  23. Oh, one last entry…

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  25. Takk Gud for at folk har for mye fritid: Steve Jobs filmplakater

    Dette må vel sies å være off topic i forhold til hva jeg vanligvis skriver om her, men av og til er det artig å konstantere at kreativitet kanskje kommer av for mye fritid. Hvis du synes Steve Jobs

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  27. g. says:

    Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

    A very funny collection of movie poster spoofs. It looks like the grand prize is iPod.
    Mike Davidson: iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

  28. Ipod poster contest

    So, Mike over at Mike Industries is giving away an Ipod Suffle. Basically, parody a movie poster with Steve Jobs, the best one wins. So, I figured I’d try my hand at it. And, when I thought of Ipod and Steve Jobs, I thought “Million Dollar …

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    My fir…

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