iPod Giveaway #5: The Great Unknowns

Original illustration by Michael Schwab.For the 5th Monthly Mike Industries iPod-A-Month Creativity Competition, we’re going to keep it extremely simple. So simple, in fact, that you aren’t even the one who has to be creative. The winner of this competition will be the person who posts the best site I’ve never seen in the comments.

If you have a site you’d like to nominate, by all means do, but please no self-promotion whatsoever. If all goes well, we’ll have a nice little huge page full of inspiration by the time everyone’s done.

Here are the rules:

  1. Post the URL on the first line. If you can write a lick of HTML, try to link it properly. Here’s how —
    <a href="http://www.theurlofthesite.com">Site Title</a>
  2. Post an explanation of exactly one sentence or one word (or none at all). Anything more than one sentence will be disqualified.
  3. On or around midnight on the last day of August Monday, August 22nd, I will close the contest and pick my five favorites.
  4. I will then post the five favorites, and using the new Mike Industries Polling System, I’ll put it up for a vote. Most votes wins.

* One entry per person only. Multiple entries will be disqualified and overtly offensive material removed. Multiple entries are also considered overtly offensive.

As always, the winner will receive a brand new iPod Shuffle from me and a pair of $150 Etymotic ER-6i earbuds from iLounge. iPod fans might also want to check out iLounge’s free iPod Book as well.

Good luck, and you can’t tell me it gets any easier than this!

Helpful hint: If the site you submit requires 20 minutes of time just to figure out what’s going on, I probably won’t get past the first minute.

RULE CLARIFICATION: You can post something you’ve worked on, but anything that leads overtly back to you (like submitting your blog or portfolio) will be considered self-promotion and disqualified. Many thanks… great entries so far!
UPDATE: I’m shortening the entry period to Monday, August 22nd to keep the list at something close to a manageable level.
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365 Responses:

  1. Jason says:

    The best site you’ve never seen.

  2. Feaverish says:

    Dan Rather

  3. Alveolata Noctiluca Neonlight – Just use your mouse.

  4. Gary Love says:


  5. Design Pride

    Can anyone say excellent?

  6. Mark says:

    Remember Rainier

    Never forget your last drink on the Downstroke

  7. forgetfoo

    The oddest mix of AJAX/CSS/Babe/Politics/Graphic Design discussions you’ll ever see.

  8. Lucky13 Italy

  9. BlogNomic

    A Nomic (game based on the procedures and mechanics behind creating, changing, and repealing game rules) played on a weblog.

  10. Collin says:

    Zephyr Syndicate

    OK, I really wanted to use one of my sites, but this one is just so much more impressive then my own work.

    (BTW, I never noticed the checkmark in the visited links before. That is a clever idea.)

  11. John says:

    Things in Rubbers


  12. Monro says:


  13. Robert says:

    Flash Earth

  14. neil says:

    Two issues of Wet Magazine from the 70’s

    It may not be a “web site” in the design-sense of the word, but damn, is it inspiring.

  15. Guess The Google it’s a game. You have 20 seconds to guess the keyword that gave as result that 20 images. Good luck.

  16. Glen C. says:

    You’ve probably seen Avalonstar.

  17. Joe says:

    New in Philly

    Amazing Design with Great Content.

  18. Centricle

    Simply beautiful (click back)

  19. The Best Page in the Universe

    Quite scathing.

  20. Andrew says:

    Don’t Click It

  21. John says:


    Eight years old and still lives up to the name.

    There’s one rule: you cannot use the back button.

  22. Jason says:

    Bad Album Covers

    I’m sure we’ve all seen it, but it’s worth posting for the edification of mankind and future generations.

  23. http://www.khaaan.com


  24. You can do anything… at zombo.com

  25. Only since tubgirl.com is no more:

    Phono Phunk
    Slick design with an interface that rivals most desktop apps.

  26. Tibs says:

    The Vice Guide To Everything

  27. J. J. says:

    Rate Your Music
    I’m surprised that this this IMDb-like site (but for music) isn’t more popular.

  28. Mykola says:

    Three Quarks Daily

    Science slash art slash news slash pinker and dawkins endorsements.

  29. Daniel says:

    Scripture Mail
    It is clean, clear, and gets the message across.

  30. Randall Levensaler Photography

    Great use of JavaScript.

  31. Defrost Network

    Provides a community for freelancers to communicate with potential clients, a way to mobilize groups of freelancers, and a gallery of solid inspirational work.

  32. The Flash Video Mixer

    It may be slightly clunky, but it’s absorbed countless hours of my time with which I should probably be doing something constructive.

  33. Adopt A Chicken Today.

  34. Science Toys

    From electric motors to film can cannons.

  35. Reed says:

    Forests Forever

  36. miko says:

    If Only Life Was Predictable

    See how you’ll look like in 40 years.

  37. JBagley says:

    PostSecret – Share your secrets.

  38. Temple Ov Thee Lemur

    Wasting your bandwidth since 1893.

  39. SebastianU says:

    Tongsville City

  40. James says:

    survived by his music

  41. Waking Ideas

    Sir Francis Drake was killed by Robot Pirates and will haunt you forever!

  42. Steffen says:


    I guess the comics work only in German, but the site is great, anyway.

  43. Mikky says:


    Perhaps more of interest for it’s Zen Garden-inspired skinnable CSS design (over 10 skins so far and we’ve only been going three weeks) than it is for it’s content – unless you’re a gamer, that is – Cyberscore v3 is the result of five months work rebuilding a fallen high scores archive.

  44. Chugs says:

    Teodor Droscaru

  45. Chris R says:

    Map Of Springfield

    If you don’t like ‘The Simpsons’ don’t click the link (and go sit in the corner)

  46. roger says:

    flickr tag browser

    so simple, so addictive.

  47. Ryan says:

    Million dollar domain, Million dollar website!


  48. Chris says:

    Lana Landis

  49. Jurka says:

    Just check pattern4u in Menu

  50. Thomas says:

    inspireme.tv is a creative, video, approach to encourage inspiration through designers and artists eyes as to their inspiration an enviornment.

  51. Tom W.M. says:

    Breed Hive

    So… organic.

  52. Rebecca says:

    Film Wise

    FilmWise Invisibles, great way to waste a lot of time.

  53. F1_error says:

    You’ve probably seen Doc Ozones work before (I’ll have to take the chance you haven’t), since he’s been around the net since the early 90’s, but it’s still one of my favorite sites.

  54. AJP says:

    My buddy Jon Buda’s website.

  55. Filip says:


    The best contributed graphics I’ve seen.

  56. Timmargh says:

    Pi to 1,000,000 decimal places

    The name says it all.

  57. Chris C. says:


    A news site devoted to the PHP language.

  58. Elle says:

    The Awful Forums – Comedy Goldmine

    Because sometimes, content really is where it’s at.

  59. Stacie says:

    Bembo’s Zoo

  60. Dean says:

    Irregular Orbit

    Ookworld’s wobbly satellite.

  61. maratz says:


  62. Brownspank says:

    Bad Design Kills, really.

  63. Chickenhead

    Check out Bannertown — always good for a few laughs.

  64. Wes says:



  65. Artorg

    One of the best art communities out there that I’ve every found.

  66. the place

    This is one of the first sites I’ve been to (almost 10 years ago) that opened my eyes to the possibility of the web as a compelling art medium.

  67. Jeff Scott says:

    Coudal Partners

  68. Chase says:

    Kitten War

    Nobody can resist a kitten.

  69. Shane says:

    My Wife’s Art Site

  70. Austin says:

    Group Hug

    We’re all sick

  71. Aerian Photograph Portfolio

    look the sky ;-)

  72. Lepel.nl
    “Lepel” is spoon in Dutch, so you won’t find a higher “URL-name compared to actual content” ratio anywhere on the web.

  73. Mike G says:

    Overheard in the Office

    Never fails to make me laugh.

  74. Jamming a Pair of Scissors Repeatedly Into Your Crotch

  75. Mike B. says:

    Urban Dictionary

    The best and truest definitions found on the web.

  76. Challies.com

    Beautiful site with with some uniquely well done theological content.

  77. TT says:


    Dancing around the world…

  78. Joshua says:


  79. Dave Mohrman says:

    Ben Fry
    Amazingly useful ways to look at information through Java appletts!

  80. richard says:


  81. Jay says:

    Pixel2Life tutorial listing

    The best tutorial listing on the net, helping learners to learn through providing a search of thousands of tutorials in the sites index.

  82. bartleme design

  83. Nick says:

    Black People Love Us

    Take a look, they really do.

  84. supbra says:

    Dont know what glue to use?

  85. BryanBrutherford says:

    Homestar Runner

    On a scale of 1-Awesome, SUPER AMAZING.

  86. Patrick says:

    A Polite Winter

    Love the illustrations.

  87. Dewpurdy says:

    Heavans-Above Iridium flares site
    It lets you find the time and location of iridium flares, brief flashes of light caused by reflections off satellites, based on your location in the world (in this case, Seattle).

  88. TJCase says:


  89. Michael B says:


  90. Timmargh says:


    … because movies kick ass.

  91. Dennis W. says:

    J.K. Rowling’s Web Site

    This is one of my favorite sites because of it’s totally immersive experience. Quite an impressive use of flash.

  92. Rodrigo says:

    Watercolors & Origamic Architecture

    Landscapes and landmarks

  93. Harry says:


    If you like dark, Monty-Python-like humor from Scotland. Roll over the boxes on the top section and go to Videos.

  94. Chris says:

    MpP Favicon Gallery

  95. http://www.reelfx.com/

    Excellent commercial projects, and a nice looking site!

  96. Josh Dura says:

    Woodford Reserve Stables

    High end bourbon, and horse racing, can’t go wrong.

  97. Blackpulp.com

    Great site.

  98. Justin says:

    MIT’s OpenCourseWare
    a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world

  99. benedict says:

    I like this…

    Their Circular Life

  100. Javan says:


    Constantly updated, user submitted news that is relevant to web folks like us.

  101. Kurt says:

    Cheap Gas

    Very Useful

  102. Kerry Woo says:

    Site has it all; cool, revelant, music, design and call to action!

  103. Sharaf says:

    Great Pixels

    Very dynamic site.

  104. MK says:


    A Twins-centric baseball blog from a different point of view.

  105. Tom says:

    devtoys.com – stuff for geeks

  106. LJH says:

    Grey Goose Vodka

    A truly remarkable flash site.

  107. William H. Harle Jr. says:

    The Bee With Wheels

    The definition of an artist.

  108. Tony says:

    iMySelf and Me : a Podfolio

    I hope nobody’s posted this one yet. It’s the best portfolio site I’ve seen. Play around with the controls…it’s really cool!

  109. Muffinfilms

    The best muffin-themed flashed cartoons you’ve never seen.

  110. GillBates says:

    Everything you ever wanted to know about computer GUI’s; timelines, examples, screencaps, etc.

  111. Josh says:

    Check out Belief’s Videos (particularly the “Pollinate Sessions”) for a creative kick in the butt.

  112. Josh says:

    Woops… technically the link is still on the first line. Well enjoy anyway everyone!

  113. Nowforevermine

    My fellow colleague’s site that I have yet to top.

  114. Brad says:

    Donavon Frankenreiter
    Beautiful Flash-work that doesn’t bog down older computers, amazing!

  115. http://particletree.com/

    One word: Content.

  116. Seth says:

    Subservient Chicken

    You tell the chicken what to do, and it does it….best site ever.

  117. Jerry Z says:

    Let’s try functionality over form; it’s a wiki, it’s a blogger, it’s a non-linear “notebook,” it’s entirely self-contained in one file, needs no server-side logic, and requires only a browser to use – save a copy of the page locally, and you’re good to go.

  118. Matt says:

    Gizoogle… hours of fun.

  119. Emily says:

    Drexel University’s College of Media Arts & Design

  120. leger says:

    I stumbled upon this blog a while ago, but I have found out that lots of different people are all captivated by it as I was. I would recommend that you read it from the beginning.

    nothing’s going to change my world

    It’s nothing overtly cool, but if you read enough of it, you’ll really get hooked.

  121. Tom says:

    World Jump Day

    Let’s all jump, I know it will work!

  122. the unseen video
    A weather controlled, dynamic music video.

  123. JT Diver says:


    If you’re looking to buy a house in Seattle this is a great place to start.

  124. a.d says:

    Tokyo Plastic
    Continues to stun me.

  125. Victoria Wren says:

    Overheard in New York

    Makes me want to live in New York – no, really.

  126. andreas says:


    Simply amazing use of Flash in the Bit-101 lab.

  127. About BLOG Depression

    “there is a growing epidemic in the cyberworld. a scourge which causes more suffering with each passing day…”

  128. Steve says:

    Pixel Ranger

  129. Woody says:

    Vile Things
    Halloween props and projects

  130. Brian says:


    Not particularly obscure, but you can seriously get lost for days just learning stuff.

  131. Magic Hat Brewing Company

    Great beer from this Vermont Brewery and a wicked flash website.

  132. Carnal Cookies

  133. Ben says:

    Site Title

    Learn the secret to eternal life, world peace and who God is.

  134. Chris says:

    Proliferate Underground Music

  135. Nancy says:


    Just a blog, but uses links in a way I’ve not seen before.

  136. John says:

    Mother of all Deals

    The greatest site you ever seen that collects deals from many sites and puts them together on a page to browse and search..

  137. laura says:

    Brawny Innocent Escapes.

    Paper towels = love.

  138. mikey blackeyes says:

    super cool randomized orignal soundscapes

  139. Esther says:

    The Diary of 17th Century Navy Clerk, Bon Vivant, and Natural Philosopher Samuel Pepys, spanning Ten Years, posted One Daily Entry at a Time, with Historical Annotations.

  140. Mattmiami says:

    Site Title

    What’s better than a site you’ve never heard of devoted to every other site you’ve never heard of?

  141. Linus says:

    MK12, v5.

  142. mikey blackeyes says:


    super cool randomized orignal soundscapes take II

  143. Mystery Shopper says:

    Survey Central


  144. Allan R. says:


    Impressive use of Javascript randomness…

  145. Tons of political theory links every day, newsy, booksy, and academic.

  146. Harley says:

    Fat Chicks in Party Hats

    That is all.

  147. mark says:

    My Pet Skeleton

    Art, Music and Design

  148. falconcrest says:

    It’s like free LSD.


  149. Chris S. says:

    Square America

  150. trailer trash a personal story . . .

  151. Richard says:

    Movie Poop Shoot

    Commentary on all things pop culture (movies, dvds, comics, music, tv, etc.)

  152. Matt says:

    Simply stupid

  153. The top 100 things I’d (also) do If I ever became an evil overlord

  154. Will says:


    babbabba baaababb bbabbbbb baabbaba baabaaab baabbbaa baabaaaa baabbabb baabbaba baaabbaa bbabbbbb baabbbba baabaaab baabbabb bbabbbbb baabbabb baabbaba baabbbaa baabaaaa baabbabb baabbaba baaabbaa bbabbbbb baabbbab baabbbba baabbbba bbabaaab

  155. Paul says:

    Communal bookmarks.

  156. Jesse Hurt says:

    Double Viking

  157. Adam H. says:

    What Eve hears in passing.

  158. Half Bakery

    User submitted half baked ideas with voting system

  159. Matt Durr says:

    Simple, yet nice design – and I love the random images.

  160. Jonathan says:


    Hilarious Trigger Happy Tv with video games

  161. Ben says:


    Oh, yay!

  162. Liz B. says:

    The Pizazz video. Sheer joy.

    Pizzazz found here.


  163. T says:


    Search the Best Deals at Amazon – Custom

  164. Carl says:

    Chinese Junk Food Review

    A fun review of various junk foods from China by two brave expats.

  165. nathan says:

    golan levin

    Hasn’t been updated in a long time, but still fascinating projects.

  166. Tim says:

    Doctor HP Flowers

    Great pictures of appalachia

  167. http://www.urbandead.com/
    More Braaaaaaiiiins

  168. M says:

    A ton of extraordinary writing.

  169. Leo Brownstein says:

    Site Title

    This site just started podcasting a play in segments. So far I’ve only heard 10 minutes, but it has made me laugh pretty hard.

  170. Stikboy says:

    Ash whistling funeral fun!

  171. JCS says:

    Site Title

    (For the good of science of course-)Volunteer your body for current psychedelic research!

  172. Margot says:

    Born Magazine

  173. JBlack says:

    Museum of Yo-yo History

    Yo-yos, people and events from 1930’s to present. Great interface and unbelievable variety of yo-yos over the years.

  174. HasCat says:


    Online store for some of the stupidest things you could possibly imagine.

  175. Tony says:

    All TV Shows Exist in the Same Universe, as Mapped and Charted here.

  176. Bret Turner says:


    Some of the funkiest little movies you ever saw, especially: The werewolf solution.

  177. Betelgeuse says:


    Great satire of “Intelligent Design.”

  178. Mike Kwan says:


    The bastard grandchildren of Mary McCarthy and Edmund Wilson?

  179. Spamusement!
    Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!

  180. Conclave obscurum

    Site of one of the greatest Flash-artists — scary it is, yet inspiring and profound.

  181. heather says:

    Pre-Travelocity Roaming Gnomes!

  182. James says:


    Great movie on a great site.

  183. Esteban says:


    Independent music from northeastern Mexico

  184. Eric says:

    Assignment Editor

    More news links (and resources) than you can shake a stick at (plus it has “ass” in the title – heh).

  185. Bobby says:

    The website for a band that likes to keep things short, but content rich.

  186. Nathan says:

    Interviews with CEOs and Entrepreneurs.

  187. Erin says:


    Comix, original songs, and ranting!

  188. andrew says:

    Emo Game

  189. Andrew says:


    Like Josh Rubin with style

  190. Sheri says:

    neat website

  191. Kip says:

    Best? Probably not for most but…madness, utter madness.

  192. Beestie says:

    Best collection of links ever assembled


  193. Matt says:


    Rob Cockerham’s site has it all: pranks, e-bay auctions, The Golden Ring Diet, Incredible Creations, and “How much is inside?”

  194. Jason Gill says:

    Neostream Interactive

    Their icon rocks!

  195. David says:


  196. mimi says:

    draw and rewatch super-speed. aceness.

  197. john boone says:

    the kingdom of loathing is the best game I have ever played, though it may violate both the 1 minute rule and the seemingly unspoken rule that creativity = lots of flash.

  198. michael says:

    Roy Orbison in Clingfilm Stories

    Fan fiction involving the pop star being wrapped in clingfilm.

  199. CFEC says:

    Always interesting.

  200. Luis says:

    Incredibly fun.

  201. Chuffy says:

    Sad but and true…

  202. Mike Harton says:

    Last.fm is internet radio collaboratively filtered, homing in on the strange attractor that is your own individual taste, via common likes and dislikes shared with other users.

  203. Matt says:

    NASA Image of the Day gallery

  204. Gabe Oppenheim says:

    http://www.chicagowestdine.com‘s legal woes

    Truly, the longest and funniest flash animation of all times (and the website from which it is linked makes the whole experience so very much richer).

  205. Suspension of Disbelief

    Fact-checking superhero comics.

  206. mfs511 says:

    OOP! Rubber Johney (Creepy)

  207. Ceri Richard says:

    The Four Word Film Review.

    Allows users to review films using only 4 words.

  208. Terrence says:


    A site about movie posters.

  209. Zoe says:


    Because they added those funny pictures from ready.gov.

  210. Bitslayer says:

    Protopage Like bookmarks that are on every computer you visit.

  211. Pczki says:

    Redneck neighbor

  212. David Dixon says:

    mic in track

    Many mp3’s of private recordings (known as “mic in track” files) that people made on their home computers and then accidentally shared via p2p networks– as well as some remixes.

  213. Renee says:

    I’m Cookin Here

    He cooks and he writes, here.

  214. Gigposters.com

    Endless inspiration for designers, and an incredible archive of rock art history.

  215. David Dixon says:

    Sorry, wrong link. Should have been mic in track.

  216. Paul says:

    Daily Dose of Imagery

    Much better than my own photoblog.

  217. Jon Silver says:

    Diary of a Mercenary.

    Site about someone who is apparently a mercenary that has fought against the U.S in Iraq. And is now in some kind of covert operation. Wierd.

  218. S T E L A R C
    human case mod as art form

  219. Roger says:

    The Chicago Tapes Project

  220. Eric says:


    I am never looking for an apartment without this site ever again.

  221. Grey Fox says:

    Insightful political commentary

  222. Peter Nielsen says:


  223. Bob says:

    Site Title

  224. Steve Lew says:

    This weevil looks like Richard Nixon.

  225. Troy says:

    Found Photos

    A voyeuristic collection of photos snatched from the openly shared folders on people’s hard drives. Sometimes bizarre, sometimes hilarious, sometimes creepy — and addictive as hell!

  226. Red Nose Studio

    Beautiful sad, puppets.

  227. The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs, and Body Language Cues

    If you’re the least bit interested in the subject of body language, from the anecdotal to the neuroscientific, you can easily lose a whole week wading through this vast collection.

  228. http://www.amentra.com/

    Another XHTML/CSS corporate site that I like.

  229. bekee says:


    the funniest guy in the contintental us.

  230. Greg says:


  231. Jason Nadon says:

    – my fav free stock photo site

  232. SteveF says:


    The panorama draws you in, then you discover just how well-oiled this site is.

  233. So many websites are visually loud, eveything shouting at the viewer, trying to grab our attention. This website is the gentlest and most personal site I have found. The images are moving and very personal.

  234. Pokey the Penguin

    Who needs expensive software when you have Paint.

  235. n00bstories.com

    Collection of n00bs from online gaming – read stories and submit your own for votes.

  236. Sam Moreau says:

    Red Bull CoPilot is the future.

  237. marc says:

    Ten years of My Life

    A photo a day for ten years… now that’s dedication (you’ve probably seen this site already, but meh, it’s worth a shot).

  238. Steve L says:


    Build and fly your own personal rotorcraft.

  239. Arbee says:

    Inspiration for living

    The meaning of life illustrated by the “two dumbest girls.”

  240. Alex says:

    Ask MetaFilter

    Collected wisdom of many elite MetaFilter visitors can’t be wrong.

  241. Kahn! says:

    Bitchy and funny comments about marketing.

  242. mkmccb says:


  243. Kjell says:

    It looks like the site has had it’s service temporarily revoked, but it deserves entry anyway.

    Ted Jesus Christ God

  244. Jen says:

    Ask Oxford

    Great site all around, answering questions you didn’t even know you had, including “What is the origin of the phrase ‘brass monkey?'”

  245. clark says:

    Smiley Burnettt – Cowboy Comic

    inventor, mega-multi-instrumentalist, star of Petticoat Junction and of many, many Westerns — quite a character (and check out the free mp3s: “music and songs” > scroll down > “Samples Of Smiley’s Music”)

  246. dangerousmeta is visually appealing yet simple and has the consistently most interesting content of any personal site I read–though as an early a-lister I wonder if it meets your never seen criteria.

  247. Kevin says:

    Ode to the mullet…

  248. Andrea M says:

    Skating Dog – features a dog skating – for real.

  249. Sam says:


    Only good news, for a change.

  250. Jon says:

    The CIA World Factbook

  251. Jesse says:

    On the Issues is a website which shows politicians’ stances on various issues and their ratings from various interest groups.

  252. Sai says:

    FlipClips – make flipbooks out of digital videos.

  253. Patrick says:


    Adam, the creator and administrator of this fun and very busy web site, has coded the fastest and most elegant site/forum architechture that I have ever had the pleasure to use (and it is still not for sale).

  254. nick says:


    maybe you’ve seen it, but i’m quite engrossed with it lately.

  255. mike says:


  256. Sideshow Monkey: The Art of David Hartman
    Adventurous Und Magick Haus, on Dave’s movie page is the best video I’ve seen on the web ever — EVER!!!

  257. Steve says:

    Remember where you came from:

  258. andy says:

    The genius of the album covers alone make this parody site one of my all time favorites:

    Clubbo Records

  259. Josh says:

    Backseat Kiss

  260. Mike says:

    Every Video Game

  261. Chale says:


    Who says a small town Texas kid can’t be on the cutting edge?

  262. TK says:

    Very strange… And very, very cool.

    One of my very favorite insane wastes of time.

  263. Project Double Mirrors

    The meaning of life multimedia project.

  264. Mark says:

    This Site,
    is pretty fantastic…
    *cleans nose*

  265. Sounds good to me

  266. mykull says:

    warp art collage gallery. beautiful, funky, surreal, funny, original collage art by a guy in new zealand.

  267. book says:


  268. Cichli says:

    dinosaur comics is a daily webcomic where all the strips are visually identical but the dialouge differs from day to day.

  269. webbie Bud says:

    Afterlife | the 4 seasons of Steatham Cemetary

    An absolutely stellar melding of exceptional photgraphy, seamless Flash, and haunting music, with plenty of surprises to be found.

  270. R says:

    The Bacon Show

    Like bacon? Have exotic recipes like ‘CAESAR SALAD SOUP with BACON FOAM’

    This currently my favorite cooking blog, slightly ahead of Shiok – Chef Notes and Cooking for Engineers.

  271. Jason says:

    art. sex. t-shirts.

  272. Kat says:

    Acts of Gord – hilarious

  273. combustibl says:


    Free temporary email accounts on the fly for those sites that you know will send you spam.

  274. Ephiny says:

    This Spartan Life

    The most novel chat show you’re ever likely to see.

  275. Sugar Bush Squirrel – The Superstar Squirrel

  276. Zek Kelley says:

    Free games at Home of the Underdogs

  277. Jodi says:

    Beautiful and surreal highspeed photography
    Not nearly the best site on the internet, but the best untaken one that came to mind.

  278. Tracy says:

    Poolitics – Put your money where your mouth is.

  279. Bob says:

    Adrenaline Movies

  280. Spike says:

    King Cosmonaut is the best site you’ve never seen.

  281. Daphne says:

    The Unstuck Diaries

    Witty, edgy British artist illustrates his daily struggles.

  282. Rufus says:

    20 In-n-Out Burger Marathon
    A teenage boy posts a photo diary of his burger marathon on his blog, and gets a lot of abuse for his efforts: oh, the humanity of it!

  283. vaska says:

    Urban Salon Architects

  284. daphne says:

    Brit Wit travels, takes photos, writes surreal commentary.

  285. Neeraj Tikku says:

    DOOCE : unexplained extraordinary addiction !

  286. beajerry says:


  287. Curly says:

    2 Advanced Studios
    Masters of Flash…

  288. Eddy says:


    Random hypertexts!

  289. Andre says:

    734 (so far) different ways, some of them absolutely stunning, of displaying the same web content by simply changing the style sheet.

  290. Andre says:

    http://csszengarden.com/ (link *meant* to appear in above comment)

  291. Misciel says:

    An eclectic personal blog of “Michell-aneous” musings on Venice, Italy, Maine, History, Books, Food and other fun stuff…

  292. John says:


  293. Jurka says:


  294. Stop Motion Studies

  295. Seth says:

    Skip Intro.

    ‘Nuff said.

  296. Sean says:


    Because not all kids go moooooo or wee-aw wee-aw.

  297. Storm says:

    Books For Soldiers

    Care packages for the mind.

  298. Alberto says:

    Il cavoletto di Bruxelles

    When Belgium meets Italia… delicious!

  299. dobbo says:

    Ultra interactive kung-fu re-mixer

  300. papasoft says:

    Interior Desecrations

    This site about bad taste interior decorating from the 70’s has been around for a while but even if you have seen it you will be ROTFL again.

  301. Shahed says:


    A look inside the debates and discussion going on among Muslims in the West.

  302. pauly says:

    Check out “Same Difference” and the rest in the comics section.

  303. A MikeIndustries Wannabe

  304. nw says:


    It verks!! [ link to specific article ]

  305. Matthew Webb says:

    When I am king

    Not one word

  306. Andy W. says:

    Best-Alaska-Photo-Blog-Ever. Cool Juneau Photos

  307. Matt says:

    Who Would Buy That?

    Strange auctions with witty commentary.

  308. Savage Chickens
    Chicken cartoons on post-it notes.

  309. Hybridworks

  310. Tania Wink says:

    Hilarious Stories about a Brit and his German girlfriend Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

  311. Bayou says:

    The Wayback Machine is an attempt to archive the entire internet and it allows you to look up websites that no longer exist.

  312. davieboy says:

    musical spasms by matt henning: my favorites are http://www.matthenning.org/matthenning/panic_attack.htm, http://www.matthenning.org/matthenning/ling-ling.htm, and http://www.matthenning.org/matthenning/bible_study.htm.

  313. really. says:

    Ambigram Generator

    How-To Begin: Type a single word into the top field and hit GO!

  314. Bill says:


    Living vicariously

  315. Tony Y says:


    Er, click “play” to begin.

  316. claudia says:


    ‘purevolumeâ„¢ | we’re listening to you’

  317. mike says:

    funny / great flash

  318. stacy says:


  319. YTMND

    Ever wanted to spend weeks online without getting bored?

  320. Jesse says:

    Of course, the most important question comes first: “The Devil won that fiddling contest, right?”

  321. Jesse says:

    Oh, yeah, the questions are here.

  322. fun to read even if your already married.

  323. Danielle says:

    Let’s try that again (it would help if I posted the link.) =)


    What makes it even funnier is knowing that this guy is quite serious.

  324. KV says:

    downtime in Seattle

  325. mquick says:

    Fashionable Dictionary

    Dictionary of fashionable nonsens – A guide for edgy people.

  326. Timmargh says:

    c h r o m a s i a

    Simply stunning photos.

  327. Timmargh says:

    I’ve Seen Better

    Excellent photos that you can comment on with notes, Flickr style.

  328. Timmargh says:

    Sparkle Photoblog

    Superb pictures, superb site design.

  329. Dave Belling says:


    Just saw this today and I think it’s brilliant.

  330. Brade says:

    You’d probably know about this, but I’ll put it anyway. Hours of fun and edutainment await…

    Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music

    also check out their mp3 streams. this is one of my all-time fave sites.

  331. DE says:

    The Church of Rick

    A dyspeptic (and probably offensive to some) take on religion and life in general.

  332. Dorn says:

    Caveman Chemistry

    Simple, doable chemistry and a little history from a slightly weird chemistry professor.

  333. pisaster says:

    Site Title

    ridiculously hilarious.

  334. aliotsy says:


    This takes me back to the late Nineties, when web standards were virtually unheard of and style often ruled over substance – maybe not our cup of tea today, but really pretty to look at.

  335. hartless says:

    Johnny Hollow

    A dark site with with riddles and rewards.

  336. Brian says:

    Girls are Pretty (yes, safe for work)

    Every day is a wonderful new holiday!

  337. ah-yen says:

    Great book, great site, wish I were that good to come up with either.

    Life of Pi

  338. Fondly named after the cult Japenese horse that never wins, Haruurara is a story about a Wales photographer and his labor of love.

  339. Matt says:

    The Hotchkiss School — One of the simplest, cleanest, just all-around nicest-to-look-at sites I’ve ever seen. The sIFR is beautiful and the campus tour is amazing.

  340. Ollie says:

    Chicago Crime

    Best use of Googlemaps I’ve seen so far …

  341. J.A.K says:

    Best indie web comics on the net.

  342. Raj says:

    phd comics
    Piled higher and deeper: such a fitting description of the plight of the grad student/slave/gum-on-the-bottom-of-the-lab-chief’s-shoe.

  343. Timmargh says:

    Badger Badger Badger

    Make sure your speakers are turned on.

  344. Quique Villegas says:


    The first website in South America about visual journalism and information design.

  345. Rexnor says:

    Design, design, design. Yop!

  346. bennion says:


  347. Alex says:

    Tons of free, amazing and funny videos, great downloads, good tech podcast, and no popups or annoying ads. Safe for work, safe for home!

  348. Andrew says:

    Smells Like Ass Candles

  349. Tony says:


    Art/Literature/Music/History/Philosophy website

  350. Shaun says:

    Rare Frequency

  351. Adam says:

    Don Moses Lerman, Eating Champion

    An Ode To Gluttony

  352. Tanya says:

    Portfolio of my good friend Karen (cheers to girls in the Web world!)

  353. luke says:

    technic 9

    entry #454

  354. trisora says:

    Couldn’t post it properly earlier….

  355. Check this Out… Google website with your name

  356. How about The Rasterbator

    The Rasterbator is a web service which creates huge, rasterized images from any picture.

  357. Bonny says:

    Ancient Worlds

  358. Steven says:

    EyePlay Games

    Play multiplayer games now, or over the course of days or weeks.

  359. Mary Anne Colvin says:

    Site Title


  360. Cameron says:

    The most underappreciated flash loop ever.

  361. Dave Wilson says:

    The best website for content from a google search of “Bank fuck bastards” Pintday

  362. Wikiwyg

    What-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for wikis.

  363. Ned Cameron says:


    A site full of silly drawings.

  364. An En Lightening Vacation

    Nancy, Lex and I recently went to the Bahamas. (I’ve heard it’s better there.) We even invited my parents. Some might balk at the thought of bringing parents on vacation, but we have no such qualms. For one thing,…

  365. […] for me, I just tried my hand at winning Mike Davidson’s latest iPod Giveway (number five in a continuing […]