Baton Ruse

What is a musical baton?

I don’t know, but my beard idol Rob Weychert and my Google-juice idol Keith Robinson just passed me one. I will now waive it over my head and tell you all sorts of things you never asked about!

Total volume of music files on my computer:

18.05 GB… Mostly from actual pressed CDs

The last CD I bought was:

“The Runaway Found” by The Veils

Song playing right now:

“Mojo Pin” by Jeff Buckley

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

  1. Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin
    Best group ever. Any suggestions to the contrary will be deleted.
  2. Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone
    If you live in Seattle and you’re in your 20s or 30s, this is your anthem.
  3. The Pink Life by Mike Doughty
    This pick is currently in ridiculously heavy rotation. Over 50 plays in the last few months I’m sure. And I’m seeing Doughty live tomorrow night. Bam!
  4. Salvation by Citizen Cope
    Unclassifiable music is the most impressive music of all. Citizen Cope and Calexico are two of the least classifiable bands I know.
  5. Bonnie and Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg
    The all-time winner for song most ahead of its time. Sounds like it was composed in 2005. Was actually composed in 1968.

* Honorable mention: Any of Inman’s favorites from the “Video Game Beeping” genre.

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:

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20 Responses:

  1. Mike Doughty seems like a popular singer among many.

  2. This musical baton thing is like a Friendster for web designers.

  3. Jack says:

    Is Andrei ever coming back?

  4. And there was me thinking that I was the only person in the world who had heard of Mother Love Bone – good call!

  5. Steve says:

    At the risk of getting deleted I would have to nominate Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon as the greatest rock album ever. Zeppelin is no far behind though.

  6. Thanks for the baton, Mike. I’ll get my meme on later today…

  7. brian says:

    mother love bone rules. how about a little holy rollers!? =)

  8. 18 Gb that’s pretty descent.

  9. Trent says:

    Love Zep. “In My Time of Dying” rocks.

  10. J. J. says:

    Noticed Meyer’s mention of Zeppelin, although I was a little sad that he disagreed about their greatness.

  11. Rodrigo says:

    As someone who has been spiritually in Seattle for at least ten years now (go Sonics tonight!), but for some strange reason is still living in Brazil I have to say that Mother Love Bone has fans south of the Equator as well.

    And Zepellin would be the best band ever if such a thing really existed. It doesn’t. And they’d have to fight R.E.M. for it if it did.

    OK, you can delete me now.

  12. seth says:

    wow. you must have known this would start a flame war.

    @Rodrigo – R.E.M. is the crusty stuff that John Bohnam used to have to scrape off his thang after a night out. When’s that last time Michael Stipe put a fish in a groupie’s hoo-ha? Case closed.

  13. Rodrigo says:

    No, really. I thought I’d be deleted.

    R.E.M. is just always on my mind. Someone else could just as easily have mentioned U2, or Radiohead. Or Pink Floyd.

    A fish? Really?

  14. Kevin says:

    “A fish? Really?”

    Red Snapper, to be exact. The band was in a seaside hotel and were fishing out of their rooms. It’s all in the Led Zeppelin biography. If you love Zep, you got to read it.

    (Editor’s Note: Yep, I’m aware of this story. One of the greatest of all time. And you know what? I can see that hotel from my house. The Edgewater.)

  15. Ray Dickman says:

    Listen to “Whole Lotta Love” and then listen to the song “You Need Loving” by the Small Faces and you’ll hear where Robert Plant stole much of his vocal style (and even some words in this case). The person he ripped off is Steve Marriott (not to mention Wilson Pickett – who sued Led Zepplin for the song). Steve Marriott was the voice behind the Small Faces and Humble Pie and without him, little Percy Plant wouldn’t be the Robert Plant that we all know.

    Robert Plant is a hack and Steve Marriott is the greatest rock singer ever!!!!

  16. joe ducca says:

    i must agree, best song of mother love bones. I have a question that someone onhere may be abel to answer. i heard a (what i think) cover of it done by veder (again i think) in londen in 91-93. it sounded like veder. i know it was not wood’s doing vocels. so i am trying to find it. Anyone?

  17. zoe furndeaux says:

    Led Zeppelin,was sued by Willie Dixon who wrote songs for Muddy Waters “you need love” which was used for the song “whole lotta love”.To this date Robert Plant saying” we made it our own” It’s stealing.

  18. Getting my meme on (a.k.a. musical baton)

    Well, it seems that Mike D. and Ryan Brill have passed me the proverbial baton. Thanks to them. Hooray for memes. So, here goes: Total volume of music on my computer: 42.68GB This represents 22 genres (I keep my genres…

  19. Staffetta Musicale

    Con un certo ritardo, rispondo all’appello anche io!

  20. Pandemia says:

    Il meme musicale del momento, la staffetta

    Matteo mi passa il testimone del meme del momento, cinque domande tra musica e tecnologia. Procedo immediatamente. Volume totale dei File musicali sul mio pc: La cartella musica segnala 19 Gb. Aggiungendo i file stoccati sull’hard disk esterno po…

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