iPod Giveaway #1: We Have a Winner

He entered early. He entered often. He is Davin Risk, master food sculptor and photographer from Toronto, Canada, and he is the winner of the Mike Industries “Make a Meatspace Shuffle” creativity competition.

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Davin’s first entry, made entirely of goat butter, arrived only hours after the contest began and set the pace for a field of over 40 excellent “interpretations of iPod Shuffle as food”. Davin followed up his well received goat butter creation with a Parsnip Shuffle, a Tofu Shuffle, and the eventual winner: The Banana/Apple/Spaghetti Shuffle (shown above as the first piece in our honor roll slideshow).

Davin’s winning entry was both creatively assembled and brilliantly photographed, which helped it withstand the onslaught of entries throughout April. Stephen Lodefink’s Spam Shuffle garnered the most attention around the web and gave Davin a run for his money, but the toughest test came only 90 minutes before the contest closed when iPod case designer extraordinaire Nikki Sevcik submitted her tantalizing “Morning Shuffle”, consisting of a frothy espresso drink, chocolate covered strawberry, and exquisitely placed “Shuffle wafer”. Nikki’s entry is the second in the slideshow.

The Mike Industries staff (me) thought long and hard about how to pick the winner, but in the end, there was no perfect solution. At least 12 entries were award-worthy, but since Davin had four of them, his food sculpting prowess was the most clearly established of all the contestants.

I’ve provided an honor roll of 20 of the most worthy entries above and I thank everyone for participating in this first of 9 contests. Besides the first two slides, the honor roll is in no particular order. Enjoy.

Thanks also to Jason Anderson for concocting the first competition. His baby boy is already enjoying his Shuffle. Remember, the submission pool is open until the end of the year.

And finally, although I can’t award a second place prize, I’m happy to point readers in the direction of Nikki’s portfolio of custom iPod cases. They’re one of a kind.

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    いろいろな食べ物で作ったiPod Shuffleが20個紹介されている。 海外の…

  2. Americunt says:

    iCunt Shuffle?

    I apologize for being a lazy americunt and not cuntributing to the americunts dot com. So here is a little tidbit… and yes, hopefully today I shall be receiving my iPod shuffle from the Yeasty Lady of Luna Madge Weinstein….

  3. New Links says:

    ILuvNUFC’s DinkLump

    Morning all. Count me out of the bowls thanks but I may be up for the tour. Can I let you know on Sunday or do we need to book?

    Slideshow of iPod shuffles made out of foo

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  5. 240 Songs On Your Plate

    What becomes an icon most? Sometimes food sculpture. Blogger Mike Davidson challenged readers to create a food interpretation of the iPod Shuffle. The contest was won by Torontonian, Davin Risk with his rendering of the Shuffle in banana and spaghetti….

  6. stereogum says:

    Get Ready To Get Sick Of Gorillaz

    “Feel Good Inc” (which we love) is the latest tune to be featured in those ubiqutous iPod TV spots. This time the silhouettes are on rollerskates though. Other songs overexposed by iPod ads:Caesers “Jerk It Out” Feature Cast “Channel Surfing”…

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    Edible iPod Shuffles
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    Pesky blogs. Old blenders. UT cheap?

    memo 5.04.05 good afternoon! Which means that tomorrow is 5.05.05. 1. NPR ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin: “The appeal of the blogs? Humor seems to be the biggest attraction. Ironic detachment from the news, an ability to deflate egos and refreshing, undisgu…

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    One great thing about working at a place like ESPN are the achievements of the folks who I work with. Two guys who are doing interesting things of late are Mike Davidson and Darren Rovell. Mike’s iPod Shuffle Giveaway has…

  10. Rovell and Davidson: Doing Cool Things

    One great thing about working at a place like ESPN are the achievements of the folks who I work with. Two guys who are doing interesting things of late are Mike Davidson and Darren Rovell. Mike’s iPod Shuffle Giveaway has…

  11. Food to amuse

    I give up: our mothers are wrong. Play with food is great! I have two good examples of that: – Grocery Store Wars – Join the Organic Rebellion, a Star Wars animation version with food. – interpretations of iPod Shuffle as food – photos of a contest of…

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    ...Davin Risk, master food sculptor and photographer from Toronto, Canada, is the winner of the Mike Indust…

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    Via le blog de Dew, j’apprends que Mike Davidson, art director chez Walt Disney et grand fan de l’iPod Shuffle, a décidé d’en donner gratuitement “at least one a month and possibly one every two weeks for the rest of 2005”. Il organise donc des petits…

  14. Eatin’ iPod Shuffle

    เค้าบอกว่าตอนนี้ส่วนแบ่งตลาด 58% ของ Flash-based Player แล้วคนทำชื่อ Davin Risk ทำแข่งงานประกวดอาหารรูป iPod Shuffle รู

  15. Play with your food

    Mike Industries recently held a competition in which contestants sent in photos of iPod Shuffles they had built out of food. A slide show of the honour roll entries including the winner by Davin Risk can be viewed here….

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