iPod Giveaway #2: Great iPods in History

Picked up by the New York Times, Toronto Star, San Jose Mercury News, Kottke.org, Gizmodo, Boing Boing, and Popular Mechanics among others, the first installment of the Mike Industries iPod-A-Month Creativity Competition was a bigger-than-expected hullaballoo. Thanks again to all who entered.

For the second installment, we’re going with a nostaglic theme: Great iPods in History. As is the case with all of these competitions, the person who suggested the theme will win one iPod Shuffle, and the person who wins the actual contest will take home the other (suggestion pool still open through the end of the year). Congratulations to “Getmeparu” for suggesting this contest… as soon as I figure out who you are, a Shuffle will be forthcoming.

As is illustrated by the slightly modified 1945 Alfred Eisenstadt photo to the left, the aim of this contest is to place an iPod Shuffle into notable historical context. You can modify famous photos, upload audio narratives, shoot video, or even design a mini-site. I expect most of the entries to be altered photos, which works well for this particular contest, but I just wanted to remind everyone that rules can always be broken. You are free to submit anything you like, as long as it’s yours and it was created specifically for this contest.

This contest, along with the remaining seven, will run for two weeks. The deadline for entries is midnight, May 31st.

Submission rules are as follows, and cannot be broken:

  • If you’re submitting an image, it must be exactly 418 pixels by 418 pixels. Use a standard <img src="yourimage.jpg" /> tag to enter it into the comments section below. Please also keep your filesizes reasonable (as small as possible, but definitely under 80k or so).
  • Please submit any audio, video, or website entries as a standard link.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Nothing overtly offensive or in otherwise poor taste please. Mike Industries is a family establishment.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Please, it’s a very simple rule: 418 pixels by 418 pixels. Anything smaller or bigger will be deleted. Also, please keep images under about 80k. Thanks!

UPDATE #2: Maybe the big red exclamation mark will help here — all images must be EXACTLY 418 pixels tall by 418 pixels wide. Not 418×200. Not 500×500. It is not a “maximum width”. 418×418 please. The management thanks you.

UPDATE #3: iPodLounge.com has just offered to send a pair of $150 Etymotic ER-6i earbuds and a sportcase to the eventual winner. Thanks iPodLounge!

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317 Responses:

  1. Adarsh says:

    I think all you guys did exceptionally well… it was fun while it lasted!

  2. John, wow, every design of yours was exceptionally clean and seamless. Nice job.

    Does anyone know when the winner will be announced?

  3. Great choice on the winner! Both entries were very creative and innovative, especially Big Foot. Can’t wait to see what the next objective is, and hope y’all are planning on taking part.

  4. jarv says:

    as far as it takes to graphics – i’m not a good chef… ;]

  5. sybil sy says:

    iPod rulez!…for me iPod these days are a big help to every one espicially to those music lovers out there like me!..you can cary it with you anywhere you want to go!

  6. Jasmine says:

    huh what about ipods ?

  7. jessica thompson says:

    my name is jessica thompson, im not here to give you a sob story about, how my parents are poor and can afford to buy me a ipod. you probly get thoes every day. so im basicaly asking, not begging, but wanting one. I understand that there are billions of these letters you get a day, so if i dont get a free ipod i understand.
    thats all i have to say, keeping it short and sweet.
    thank you, jessica thompson!

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