Mitch Hedberg – Rest in Peace

Mitch Hedberg has died. The news is just now percolating across the web and details are tough to find, but this is extremely sad news to all who have ever listened to or met Mitch. Mitch was only 37 years old and the cause of death appears to be a heart attack.

Rather than write an unsolicited eulogy or anything like that, I’ll just say that Mitch was and is my favorite comedian ever, and I’ll leave you with these two clips from his two albums:

From “Strategic Grill Locations”

From “Mitch Alltogether”

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495 Responses:

  1. Julio says:

    Hedberg is the greatest comedian of all time. His jokes never fail to crack me up. RIP Mitch.

  2. Megan says:

    Mitch never gets old.. he is the funnest guy ever! I love that guy and he will never be forgotten..


  3. Tom says:

    Mitch is so cool, he’s got facebook groups about him…check out “koala bears are the cutest infestation ever” ;)


  4. Debbie says:

    Mitch was one comedian that could bring my entire family together. The first time we saw him on tv, the most memorable joke was slappy the frog. It started my middle son off, and he just started quoting line after line, and we’d all laugh. At that point, Gary was hooked!
    Gary also enjoyed him talking about “…catching a frog, and putting it in a glass jar, with holes in the lid….and putting in a stick, and a leaf…….”
    We are all sorry that you’ve left us so soon, Mitch. But, thank God for dvd’s where you can still make us laugh every time we take time out to watch. You were truly a talented comedian. I wish we could have seen you perform live, before you were taken away.

    It’s already been over a year, but it still seems like yesterday, the first time we watched you on comedy central.

    May your family still receive the blessings from your life.

  5. Emily says:

    rest in peace mitch…
    you are amazing.

    anyone who ever wants to talk about him, click my name- it’s a link to myspace.

  6. Ashley says:

    I just finished bragging to my co-workers about Mitch being one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen.
    This news is fairly new to me, and it breaks my heart.
    I hope he’s in a better place. We really miss you, Man!

  7. Khoa says:

    Mitch = the funny man

  8. kyle says:

    man,Mitch was the best comic alive, it really sux that hes gone and he will be forever missed… it took a wile for me to find out what happend to him, he was a GREAT man, i stayd up for 3 straight days watching him on his comedy central special,taped it and watched it over and over again, rest in peace, mitch hedburg, u will be forever loved and missed by us all, you may be gone but never will u be forgotten….

  9. Ryan D says:

    I just posted a comment on a previous sight about Mitch and it was really long so im going to make this one short but sweet. Mitch was a comic genius no one else had style like this guy, he was one of a kind. I own both cd’s and i listen to them all the time they never get old to me. I think its a shame that the best people have to go so soon its such a tragedy you will be missed but never forgotten. One of my favorite jokes that he did was the Reese’s candy bars. Hilarious!!!!!

  10. Joe B says:

    A sad loss of a very talented comedian. He was one of a kind.

  11. Ryan D says:

    Mitch, you are still the funniest comedian to me. I have seen all of your shows on the internet and they all get better and better. I wish i could stay on this web site all night and write about how much you and your comedy mean so much to me. You inspire me mitch, just yesterday i wrote two comments about you, and i told some of my friends what i did cause i was so happy to finally write my feelings of your passing and how much you have made me laugh over the years. I’ve always wanted to meet you in person but i never got a chance thats why i have been writing comments recently. Even though you wont get a chance to read this, i felt that i would write it to you as if you were still here cause it makes me feel really good expressing my feelings and thoughts about you. when i here your voice and watch your DVD i sometimes get choked up inside knowing your not here, i consider myself to be one of your biggest fans and my memory of you will stay with me forever. Hopefully i will get to meet you some day and we will share some laughs together. P.S. “this is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.” R.I.P. Mitch

  12. Lisa Kopke says:

    I wasn’t going to post but how could I not? Mitch is (that’s right. I said is) an absolute legend! I am still in shock and awe that this master of comedy no longer walks the earth. My son told me a while back that Mitch had died and I told him not to joke about something like that because it wasn’t even remotely funny (and Mitch knew funny!!!)!!! Today I finally looked it up and to my dismay, found that my son was, in fact, not joking. DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! One of my fondest memories of Mitch was when I scored tickets to his show in Madison. Wi., 2004 and I took my friend Andrew. As always, he was hilarious! We had gone to the late show and he was pretty drunk by then. He started to tell a joke and half way through it, got tongue-tied and said,”Fuck it. Next joke.” Even that was funny. you can’t top that. And yes; he had 2 staws in case one broke down. During his segment, he really wanted a cigarette and asked if he was allowed to smoke in the theater. Someone from the audience piped-up, “YOU can.” and without missing a beat Mitch said, “Well who the fuck am I?” which of course led to cheers and allcolades of his awesomeness and glory. The legend that is Mitch Hedberg will never be forgotten or fade away but will always be carried on by his fans, friends, and loved ones. My deepest sympathies and condolances to the Hed berg family. I am truly sorry for your loss!
    Mitch, you are greatly loved and missed!

  13. nicole says:

    I just got sirruis radio and got really into the Raw Dog Comedy station and feel in love with Mitch and kept talking about him and how ridiculously funny he is to everyone and talking about how I couldn’t wait to goggle him and then my cousin rained on my parade by informing me of his passing. How sad. I want to hear more jokes. I litterally only just begun. I had to add this bit out of mad respect that I have for him and his family. Whoevers blessing you I ask for double. Farewell Mitch! Say hi to my Mom for me if you happen to run into her.

  14. Jimmy Crack says:

    mitch is still my all-time fav comic he is a favourite all around the world and the people of Australia still miss him dearly-RIP Mitch-Jimmy Crack

  15. Dan says:

    great commedian, equal if not better than Dane Cook.

    will be missed.


  16. jessica says:

    the greatest comic ever his talent will live on though the laughter of everyone that hears his comedy

    love u mitch cant believe u had to die

    P.s only the good die young MWA

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I just discovered Mitch earlier this year. I loved his material (you’re in the club!) and his presentation. I couldn’t wait to hear more of him so I went to buy his CD’s. I was devastated when I learned that he had past away. Even though he’s been gone a while, he’s still making new fans today, like me. Thanks Mitch for making us laugh. And don’t forget, to call me. My phone number is zero! A forever fan.

  18. mark says:

    He was a drug addict plain and simple, his death was no different than putting a bullet in his own head, he did it to himself,we can cry and boo hoo all day long like this was some kind of mistake or accident but the fact is he killed himself, he knew what he was doing and did not care and neither do I.

  19. Cheryl says:

    You know, and with all due respect to your opinion about drug addicts (did a drug addict kick your dog or something? Geez, be human forchristsakes); nearly two years after the guys death, I can still laugh ’til I cry at his material. Some comics are just plain nasty – or they think “shocking” is funny. Mitch Hedberg was original and funny in an unusual “isn’t the world weird”, child-like way. And, who knows, maybe the drugs contributed to that odd way of seeing the world and all of its peculiarities. But his faults don’t make him any less brilliant. You have to be in some kind of pain, (emotional, whatever), to abuse your body with any kind of drug. Kinda ironic that he could still find the humor in it all – and so very sad that he couldn’t save himself in spite of how he saw the world “through rose-colored glasses”. I’m not trying to make him a saint, he obviously had some shit going on in his life, but who doesn’t? And, he was able to make some of us laugh and forget about the shit in our own lives for awhile…
    My prayers are with his family.

  20. Leszek\ poland says:

    modlÄ™ siÄ™ za ciebie MITCH…

  21. james j labarre says:

    god bless you mitch,,you will be mist!

  22. james j labarre says:

    let me just say that mitch was in my homeroom class at school,,he was always making people laugh,,and drove the teachers nuts,lol

  23. Heather says:

    Every time i get my hair done, i always think of Mitch… ” I got my hair highlighted because i felt that some strands were more important than others” Damn man, i don’t think you’ll ever stop making me laugh.

  24. jay aguilar says:

    mitch was with out a dout the funniest comic i have ever heard i wish there where more comics like him. DUDE resst in peace

  25. rickie says:

    R I P mitch its a shame you hade to die love and peace

  26. Marie says:

    I just discovered him on xm comedy radio about 6 months ago and I loved him. I was looking for his website to see if he was going to be appearing here any time soon. So sad! I’m in shock.

  27. Mike Davidson: Mitch Hedberg – Rest in Peace

    Mike Davidson: Mitch Hedberg – Rest in Peace

    Such a great comedian. RIP.

    Mitch Hedberg has died.

  28. Alt Text says:

    Mitch Headberg has died – this seriously sucks, I loved that guy. GMail now gives users 2 GB (even though…

  29. Peter says:

    Man, I can’t even believe this =\ The first time I saw Mitch, me and my friend were watchin’ him on TV and we literally laughed so hard we puked! Oh man, I hope maybe it’s just an April fool’s joke I love this guy

  30. Josh Sorensen says:

    He was so funny. Too bad he’s passed, i wish i could’ve seen him live.

  31. Rich from Providence says:

    My boys and I had a 22 minute non-stop laugh fest today all about Mitch. My man was the best. His delivery was perfect. I miss him. Seriously

  32. Shannon says:

    My 15 yr old son passed away 2/12/06 loved mitch, the first time we heard him on xm radio we were in tears, we laughed sooo hard. as soon as we got home he downloaded everything of his he could find on to his ipod. everytime i hear mitch’s “stuff” it reminds me of my son and makes me laugh out loud. rip mitch

  33. Perry says:

    I guess I’ve been under a rock. I just saw him on Comedy Central and googled him to learn more….only to find out he had died almost 2 years ago. His humor was ‘dead-pan’ and silly all at the same time…so very, very funny. And a total babe too. I am so sorry for those of you who really knew him.

  34. Monica says:

    I loved Mitch! His routine about sandwiches is absolutely hysterical. No! I’m not making a pastrami-banana bread-cottage cheese sandwich!

    RIP Mitch

  35. Forrest says:

    I Love mitch in a non gay way if he was still alive i would be much happier

  36. datnole says:

    mitch, you are f’ing awesome bro. RIP, we miss you.

  37. […] favorite comedian of all time, the late great Mitch Hedberg, once told a joke about what he called “The Roundabout AIDS test.” Click Mitch’s […]

  38. willie says:

    wow….just found the brilliant comedy of mitch, then shortly thereafter found he had died almost 3 years ago……truly the best comedian i have ever heard/seen, and a great loss……

  39. Samantha says:

    dude was hilarious. I didn’t even know he passed away till now. Sad. he is mah favorite comedien.

  40. mike fuson says:

    oh man, i just found out that mitch has passed away, my son told me, I couldnt believe it. I saw mitch in person in Lakedwood, ohio, at thier “Civic Auditorium” Which is actually a way to make a high school auditorium more expensive, i was shocked to hear him tell me he had died, his dry wit will be missed and to bad we couldnt have gotten a few more of his routines on tape. and as of this writing bernie mac has been gone about 3-4 days along with issac hayes

  41. Raina says:

    what was the name of the skit he did where he talked about the twin bed and how he looked for his brother every time he laid in a twin bed???

  42. Devon Francisco says:

    Mich was the funnyest fucker aive he will be missed

  43. Holliday says:

    ATTN: Rob from Long Island, NY

    FYI, Mitch Hedberg is NOT Jewish. Hedberg is a Swedish surname.

    RIP Mitch, you are missed.

  44. Lillith says:

    I’m seriously heart broken and i feel like crying my eyes out :'(((
    RIP MITCH!!<33

  45. Dennie says:

    I still tear up at the loss. My son introduced me to this beautiful comedian and ever since Carlin there hadn’t been another to make me laugh so hard. Mitch is terribly missed. He is still a topic of great conversations between my son and I. RIP

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